Friday, December 13, 2013

Coca-Cola does not want you to have tap water at restaurants

If you think Coca-Cola doesn't have clout, think again.  They've had their International CEOs of Operations transition to Presidents of those same nations, such as our neighbor, Mexico, with President Vincente Fox, who was President during the time George W. Bush was President of the United States.  Currently Coca-Cola as a company is trying to bribe all major restaurant chains to stop offering tap water.  Think about what that will do for society.  We are already suffering from obesity, and if children and people are given less options to drink water, instead having to drink soda or other sugar loaded beverages, the epidemic will get worse, along with rates of cavities and other dental problems.  That doesn't even take into consideration the caffeine addiction that will be created/increased.

Coca-Cola is one of many major players in the International Corporate World, from Monsanto to General Dynamics, to General Electric, to Microsoft, to many, many more.  These companies have more power in the world than most nations because of the system we operate under.  Heck, Coca-Cola invented Santa Clause as we know him. Santa Claus has become a religion in itself.  Tell a kid Santa isn't real and see how people will scold you.  The lie must be maintained, it is paramount!  But paramount to what?  To whom?  If you were not aware, Santa Claus as we have come to know him, in the red suit, being a jolly old man, is a legend of Coca-Cola, which began in the 1920s, and really exploded in the 30s and 40s.  It begs the question, who is really behind Coca-Cola?  It also begs the question, have we stopped and considered how much influence we are letting Corporate Giants have over our daily lives?  Who are we serving?

Coca-Cola loves you for one reason, the dollars you bring them.  They don't respect your health or wellbeing.  They don't respect anything, but dollars.  This is the same for most mega corporations who bombard us with daily advertising campaigns, trying to earn our support for their greedy, corporate, agenda.  It is time to wake up and know our enemies.  Coca-Cola is one of them.

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  1. Indeed, these corporations are all under the umbrella of the Zionist world corporation, in fact that is how they conceived the USA to be, a corporation, nothing more. They use the FDA to propagandize their evil agenda from the late fifties when they introduced pesticides to poison our crops, the modified foods of today, to ruin our immune system and to propagate the medicine industry that in turn has put people on meds they do not need, they have created obesity and diabetes and disease to make everyone dependent upon their system. There is a great documentary called "Food Matters" it is a must for any truth seeker.


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