Monday, December 16, 2013

CNN PSYOPS: Friday 13 School Shooting Message

CNN's latest article on the Colorado School shooting from this past Friday reads "Karl Pierson liked debate, running, but acted weird".  The article can be read here.  The article paints the picture of a talented, outcast who was outspoken on political matters.  It paints the picture of many students at nations across this country, across this globe.  It essentially says, fear the outcast.  Hidden in the message of fear the outcast, is join the crowd, go with the flow.  The problem with that, is the flow of society is the same flow that is the sheep being led to slaughter.  Consume, work for dollars, be mindless, don't think about what really matters- obey.

  • Karl = 11+1+9+3 = 24
  • Pierson = 7+9+5+9+1+6+5 = 42
  • Karl Pierson = 66
  • Thirty-Three = 66

In the wake of fake school shootings, it is possible this coincidental school shooting is also fake.  For starters, it is on the same Friday, that year earlier, the Sandy Hook School shooting occurred.  Second, this shooting took place less than 15 miles from Columbine School Shooting, where a 1999 shooting massacre occurred, while I was just a sophomore in high school.  This doesn't prove or disprove anything, but it is a bit coincidental, in a world already bearing witness to multiple fake shootings and bombings within the past calendar year.

Along with these fake shootings and bombings, comes a psychological operation against the people of the United States of America.  Here it is, for all to read, 33-1, propaganda techniques from the Psychological Operations Field Manual, that dates back to the early 1900s.  The document can be viewed in its text form here.  Do you think it being made rule 33 is by accident?  As said before, 33 rules your life without you even knowing it, and for some of us, so does propaganda.

If you need help identifying propaganda, you can start reading CNN articles as a world class example.  Most other mainstream publications are propaganda as well.  When TIME magazine first published Julian Assange on their cover, the opening line of the article about him was that Julian Assanage was no Daniel Ellsberg, who is responsible for breaking the Pentagon Papers, which helped bring the Vietnam War to its conclusion.  Ironically, Daniel Ellsberg was on the campaign trail at this same time preaching to crowds that would listen to hear the message Julian Assanage was the Daniel Ellsberg of his time and he should not be harassed or imprisoned by the United States government for the protection of free speech.  While he was preaching that, TIME magazine was publishing and putting in front of every American's face the message that Julian Assange was not the man, who had the man, saying he was him.  Did you get that?

As an exercise, see if you can spot the propaganda within this CNN article about the men blamed for the Boston Marathon Bombings being connected to three homicides, in which the bodies of the victims were found covered in marijuana and money.  Ask yourself, what kind of college student would cover their victims in marijuana and money?  Does this even seem believable?

Watch the following YouTube of CNN fake news on a green screen, from the First Gulf War in the early 90s.

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