Friday, December 13, 2013

December 5 Revisted: The ongoing campaign of World War III

USS Cowpens, strangely enough, the same battlefield mentioned in my first post on this blog.

Today on Fox News, and other major media outlets, it is reported that USS Cowpens was ordered to stop by Chinese patrols in International Waters, nearly causing a conflict and even accidents between boats.  If you read the article courtesy of Fox News, the point being made is that tensions between the United States and China are heightened and these conflicts are becoming of more common occurrence.  The date of this conflict was December 5, 2013, two days before Pearl Harbor Day and the final day of Hanukah for the year 2013.  The U.S. says the ship was doing surveillance in the region after the storm in the Philippines.  My guess is the Chinese wanted to know what kind of surveillance work they did in response to the storm, especially amongst allegations of international spying in recent months.

The ship, the USS Cowpens, is named after Cowpens Battlefield, where it is said the Revolutionary War against Britain was won, after a surprise victory from American forces. 

In this conflict between U.S. and Chinese Navy vessels were references to major wars from our nation's history, in a time where the foreshadowing of war is being broadcast endlessly: from conflicts with China, to North Korea, to Syria, to Iran, that seem to be more than coincidences, and more along the lines of a conceited effort at building the campaign for the coming conflict.  We are living in a time that is in the balance. 

You come to know this when you understand exactly what was done to us and why it was done to us by the powers that be on September 11, 2001- and what has happened not only to our nation, but all of the nations involved in the global war on terrorism.  To put things short- a lot of unnecessary death and destruction and squandering of resources that could have instead been used to make society better protected, healthier and wiser.  Martin Luther King Jr. warned of wasting resources on war instead of people on April 4, 1967, a year to the day of his assassination.  President Eisenhower also warned of this phenomenon on his last day of office, when he coined the term "Military Industrial Complex" and its threat to the nation going forward.  He said it must be stopped, or it would grow beyond our worst nightmares.  Here we are, six decades later.

The powers that be don't want us better protected, healthier, wiser.  They don't want that because then we're not as easily taken advantage of and profited from.  Isn't it obvious?  We have all the capacity in the world to feed, clothe and house everyone.  Educate everyone.  Provide decent medicine and vaccines to everyone.  We have all the capacity to stop what plagues this world; the war, the desperation, the seeds of separation.  We don't have to burden young Americans and citizens of this world with debt to get an education.

I repeat, we can feed everyone, clothe everyone, provide quality education to everyone, for little expense relative to what we spend on war and "security".  We have the technology to get electricity to all citizens of this planet, and cleaner drinking water.  We don't do these things because private interests who benefit by means of wealth, don't want it that way.  That is why they are invested in maintaining society as they like it, through government, media, movies and culture.  For there to be rich, there must be poor.  There must be those that are easily exploited and who can have their wealth stolen from, as is done to the people of third world countries across the globe.

We're currently entering the next chapter of destruction for banker profit, the war on terrorism isn't sustainable alone, so the powers that be have to lead us into the next conflict that helps power the overall system of  new debt and in turn, wealth creation, via war.  The next war, will likely be very costly, and could conclude the trilogy of World Wars, with the war to end all wars, via nuclear technology, World War III. 

Who is behind this endless war?  If you can answer who is behind the all seeing eye and the Latin inscription on our dollars and other world currencies, you can answer that question.  They're very likely the same people behind converting Christians to the celebration of Jesus's birthday in the Winter and worship on Sunday instead of Saturday.  These traditions that Christians have been converted to over the course of history are in line with the Pagans more so than Christianity.  It is believed Jesus had a birthday ranging between June and September, otherwise known as the Summer.  It seems to me that most Christians are really celebrating the consumerism of Coca-Cola's and Corporate America's Santa Claus on December 25, as opposed to Jesus Christ. 

In capitalism, it is all about making it in the black, that is to say, the profitable, or at least, break even.  Thus, Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, the big profit day for United States retail stores and manufacturers, happens just a month before Christmas when the consumer season really takes off.  Don't you remember in your Bible where it says Jesus wanted you to spend big bucks in remembrance of his name?  Me neither.

The biggest profits for these mega corporations are not in Black Friday consumerism however, they are in war.  That is why the powers that be have been building the narrative for war with the nations of North Korea, Iran and China for more than a decade.  It is harder to see with China, being the trade partner that they are.  War brings harsh allies however.  With regards to North Korea and Iran, most citizens of this nation have heard a thing or two about war with them from our media going back as far as World War II, but especially throughout the last decade. 

Gore Vidale, famous author and historian, predicted the United States would invade Syria in 2004, after documents discussed by General Wesley Clark were revealed.  If you do not recall, Wesley Clark nearly received the Democratic Presidential nomination against George W. Bush in 2004.  Prior to that, he disclosed that a memo was put on his desk at the Pentagon after 9/11 planning war with seven Middle Eastern nations, starting with Afghanistan and Iraq, and then moving to Syria and beyond.  Please watch the video at the end of this article for more information on that important disclosure.  In hindsight, it appears Gore Vidale's prediction was one decade ahead of schedule.

With that said, we need more civic involvement to help stop the next major conflict, if it isn't too late already.  People have to start writing their congress people in overwhelming numbers.  They need to tell them they are up to their scams and want action taken to stop this madness or they'll be voted out and replaced with someone who will.  If you don't have the will to do this, you must forge it.  Your will to make such action will come when you understand what this ongoing narrative of war is really about.

Something must be done.  Please act.

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