Friday, December 20, 2013

The GOP, FOX News, and Satan Worship

In the year 2000, the GOP made a very curious change to their party's logo.  They inverted the stars shown on their party's emblem, the elephant.  The inverted star is better known as a pentagram, and is associated with Occultism and Satan worship.  Why this change was made, is unknown.  It should be noted 2000, the year of the logo change, is the same year George W. Bush and Dick Cheney inherited the White House, after they stole the election with massive voter fraud in the State of Florida, where George W. Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, was the Governor.  Have you ever noticed that the name George W. Bush, is a name consisting of 11 letters?  Count them.  For more on this topic, please read this well put together article about the history of the Republican Party's logo.

As for FOX News, it was created in the year 1996, by Republican Party strategist, Roger Ailes.  The word FOX is a alphabetic representation of the number 666.  Please use the Pythagorean Numerology table below to decipher this alphabetic representation.  FOX News is currently the #1 watched news station in the United States of America.  Think about what that says pertaining to our great country.

Also, think of the irony.  The Republican Party loves to claim that they're the party of Christianity and God, but under further review, we see it is quite the opposite.  Then again, for those of us who have functioning brains, we've always been able to see through what a fraud the party is.  And if you're reading this thinking the Democrats are any better, please recognize Hillary Clinton used the inverted stars in her 2008 campaign for President as well.

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