Wednesday, December 4, 2013

September 11, 1826: The Mysterious Vanishing of Captain Morgan

In the year 1826, Captain William Morgan of the War of 1812, was set to release a book titled Illustrations of Masonry.  The purpose of the book, was to expose the Freemasons, who he was upset with, for denying his own membership in the organization.  Captain Morgan, at the time, was helping create an anti-Mason party, which was formed in 1828 and ran a Presidential Candidate in the 1832 and 1836 elections.

Captain Morgan was arrested September 11, 1826, on trumped up charges.  After he was released on bail the same day, he was never seen from again.  Captain Morgan, a man determined to expose and destroy the Masons, vanished, on a September 11, nearly 200 years ago.

Question:  Do you think his disappearance on September 11 is a coincidence?

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