Tuesday, December 17, 2013

False Flag Shootings Head to Children's Hospitals

In the government's ongoing psychological operation against the public of this country, false shootings and false shooters- in turn false acts of terror- continue to be reported in the mainstream media.  Now, in back to back months, CNN has reported shootings at children's hospitals in Wisconsin, and as of today, Nevada.  In both cases, the stories were vague, hard to believe, and involving AR-15s.  Of course, the purpose of this ongoing psychological operation is to disarm the public for the sake of the nation's future police state.  After all, if we can't even be safe at hospitals serving children, surely our guns should be taken away!

This YouTube user has formulated an interesting theory about how the psychological operation is about more than just a gun grab, it is also about placing people of "unique personalities" in future government mental asylums.  Yesterdays' CNN story about Karl Pierson, the Friday 13 School Shooter, echoes these sentiments.

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