Sunday, December 1, 2013

HAARP Watch: Iran's Hanukah/Thanksgiving Earthquake and the Upsurge In Regional Earthquakes

Iranian Nuclear Facilities
On April 9, 2006, Iran created a new national holiday, National Nuclear Technology Day, giving tribute to the capability of powering a nation with nuclear energy.  The holiday was founded on this date, because Iran gained the ability to enrich uranium for the first time in its nation's history, as stated in the book, Iran, The Coming Crisis, by Mark Hitchcock.  Also on this very same day, it is rumored the United States debated using a tactical bombing campaign against the nation of Iran and its nuclear facilities.  That story from the Washington Post here.

Seven years later, on April 9, 2013, Iran announced it was expanding its nuclear power capabilities with the opening of a new enrichment plant, and a new uranium mine.  Later in the same day, the nation would endure a 6.3 magnitude earthquake exactly 63 miles from the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.  The plant opened two years earlier in 2011, but construction began on the plant in 1975.  The construction took 36 years due to the Iranian Revolution and Iraq's invasion of Iran, when the plant was bombed multiple times, and suffered much damage. 

In other parts of the world, on this same date, other problems were beginning for nuclear power plants.  The Fukushima Daiichi Plant, in Japan, which was destroyed on March 11, 2011, after a powerful earthquake and tsunami, began to leak radioactive waste into the soil and water on April 9, 2013.  Relating to this point, please see this previous blog post on the subject of 7 year intervals and tragedies and natural disasters when you have an opportunity.

Seven days later, on April 16, 2013, Iran would be rocked by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, in the Southeast corner of the nation, the largest earthquake the nation faced in 40 years.  Pakistan would feel the brunt of the earthquake, due to population centers in the neighboring country.  In a week's time, the nation of Iran would endure more earthquakes than it did in the stretch from 1980-1990, or 1895 to 1929.  Of course, April 16, 2013, was one day after the false flag terrorist event in Boston Massachusetts, and one day before the missile striking the fertilizer plant in the town of West, Texas.

Meanwhile, earthquakes, previously uncommon to the nations of both Iran and Pakistan until the 21st Century, are striking areas in both nations near nuclear power plants, and on very coincidental dates.  In the 20th Century, Iran and Pakistan, endured 26 earthquakes; since the year 2000, the two nations have already endured 20 earthquakes as of the Hanukah/Thanksgiving Day earthquake in Iran, which took place on November 28, 2013, again near the nuclear power plant located in Bushehr, 39 miles northeast of the facility.  Please see my related post on the synchronicity of Jewish holidays and meaningful events for Israel and Zionists of the Middle East.

Prior to this most recent earthquake, and in weeks leading up to it, there has been much media attention given to Iran's nuclear power program, with Western speculation that the power plants are being used to secretly enrich weapons grade uranium, that could potentially destroy Israel or even the United States.  Israel hardliners, for months, have been calling for the invasion of Iran for the safe keeping of Israel.  Iran and Syria have signed treaties to defend themselves against Israel and the United States, and Israel and the United States have done the same thing against Syria and Iran.

With this upsurge in earthquakes in Iran, going hand in hand with the evolution of their nuclear energy power program, is it unreasonable to believe that Western powers, are using technology such as HAARP, to threaten Iran's nuclear power program, with 'man-made earthquakes'?  You be the judge

If you think it is a ridiculous assertion to state that man can cause earthquakes, recall you live in a world where incredible technology, such as nuclear weapons, have been in existence for the better part of the last century.  We live in an age of science fiction, that has come true to life- from television and computers, to advanced weaponry such as laser disintegration weapons, set to be used in Iran, that were announced to the public, on the curious date of April 9, 2013.  Doesn't this seem like too may coincidences for one calendar date?

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