Wednesday, December 4, 2013

9 Coincidences Surrounding Paul Walker's Death

1. There was an internet rumor he died in a similar way that circulated the day before, November 29, via  Story here.
2. Personality profiling is important and all reliable sources point to two men who would have been acting out of character to take the car 140 mph around a parking lot.
3. The driver was a profressional race car driver who would have understood it was a powerful car that demanded respect.
4. No camera has actually caught the accident dierectly, the surveillance footage released has the camera pan towards the accident before the crash so it has been possibly edited .
5. A racing enthusiast at the event heard an explosion before the crash.
6. Cops have ruled out drag racing, no skid marks match Walker's Porsche, so no loss of control by driver error is expected or there would be skid marks as the driver tried to regain control.
7. A security hold has been placed on evidence by police, which usually is done in criminal investigations.

8. Paul Walker was born a day removed from September 11, on September 12.
9. Paul Walker starred in The Skulls, in 1999, a movie shedding light on the secret society Skull and Bones, that many Presidents and Government Officials have been a part of.


  1. I'd like to suggest the Paul Walker film "Running Scared" for analysis. It's the story of an abused child who shoots his Russian-tweeker-stepfather with a gun that is linked to a cop-killing. Russians, Greeks, gun-running, gun-violence, peadophilia, meth, pimps, and international espionage. Paul Walker turns out to be a pretty good actor, ironically I didn't even know his name until it wasn't his anymore. Check it out...I'm quite sure you'll find lots of good stuff in there and at the very least it's a pretty good flick. I can't spoil it but you'll find the final twist to be particularly satisfying to the conspiracy. Excellent work, btw.

    1. Thank you TikTalk English, I will check it out. If you've seen the Skulls, you might recall Paul Walker has an incident with a red Porsche in that movie as well. The plot thickens.

  2. Paul Walker =120, Roger Rodas =120...died 11-30....hmmm. I don't know if you've seen Fast and Furious 7, but there were a few things that jumped out at me. Interesting.


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