Wednesday, December 11, 2013

February 7 in History: Opening Day for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia

The Winter Olympic games will begin on February 7, 2014, in Sochi, Russia.  The date of Feburary the seventh marks many important and memorable events in the history of the world, particularly the more modern world; from hostile relations against Cuba to the creation of the European Union.  It is also a date that has witnessed a couple of 11s, from the ratification of the 11th amendment, to the massacre in Korea by the 11th Division South Korean Army.  Heck, it even has a 9/11 connection with the arresting of Ramzi Yousef.  Here's some of the list.
  • 457- Leo I becomes emperor of the Byzantine Empire, where Sochi is presently located.
  • 1497- The Bonfire of Vanities takes place in Florence, Italy, in which Christians publicly burned art, books and cosmetics as instruments of sin
  • 1795- The 11th Amendment is ratified
  • 1807- Napoleonic Wars, French begin war with Russia
  • 1812- The strongest earthquake of the New Madrid Earthquakes that shook the town in Missouri occur
  • 1904- 1,500 buildings are destroyed in Baltimore, Maryland in 30 hours times
  • 1935- The board game Monopoly begins
  • 1940- The second Disney movie is released, Pinocchio
  • 1951- Sancheong-Hamyang Massacre, the 11th Division of the South Korean Army slaughtered women and children
  • 1962- The United States bans all Cuban imports and exports
  • 1964- Beatles first performance on Ed Sullivan Show.  This event kicked off the British Invasion.
  • 1974- Grenada gains independence from the United Kingdom
  • 1979- Pluto moves inside of Neptune's orbit for first time since either *planet was discovered
  • 1984- First untethered man moonwalk using the MMU
  • 1990- The Central Communist Party concedes monopoly power in the dissolving Soviet Union
  • 1991- Haiti's first democratically elected president is sworn in
  • 1992- The European Union is created with the signing of Masstricht Treaty
  • 1995- Ramzi Yousef is arrested in Pakistan for bombing the WTC Complex in '93
  • 2009- Bushfires in Victoria mark Australia's worst natural disaster in history.

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