Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 4, 1619-2013: Thanksgiving to Chemical Weapons

Tomorrow, December 4th, will be the 999th day since the disaster at Fukushima.

In history, there have been some notable December Fourths.  Here's the short list:

1619- the first Thanksgiving.
1791- the first ever published Sunday paper.
1881- the first publishing of the Los Angeles Times.
1918- Woodrow Wilson sailed to Europe to sign the Treaty of Versailles, becoming the first U.S. President to go to Europe while in office.
1945- the U.S. joined the United Nations.
1969- the assassination of Black Panther party leader Fred Hampton, in his sleep, by Chicago Police
1980- the disbanding of Led Zeppelin
1981- South Africa grants independence to homeland
1982- China adopts modern Constitution
1984- Hezbollah hijacks Kuwaiti airlines
1991- Pan Am goes bankrupt, Terry A. Anderson released from captivity
1992- President H.W. Bush orders 28,000 troops to Somalia
2012- Iran claims to have captured U.S. drone
2012- White House rejects fiscal cliff hangover, prompting the government shutdown later in year
2012- Obama warns President Assad of Syria not to use chemical weapons, or face consequences;

Please notice how events of December 4th last year, ended up resulting in two of the biggest stories of the year; the government shutdown, and the chemical weapons attack in Damascus.

Will December 4, 2013, hold as much in store?

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