Sunday, May 21, 2017

16 17 23 165 | Cavaliers, 17 point favorites over the Celtics in Game 3, May 21, 2017 +Cavs or Warriors sweeping to the NBA Finals in '17

One more time, here we are in 2017.  The Cavaliers, today, are 17 point favorites.

Recall, NBA = 14+2+1 = 17

The Celtics lead the NBA with 17 championships.
The Cavs were the 17th team to join the NBA
Ohio is the 17th State

This is also the 71st season of the NBA.  Celtics = 71

Earlier today, the Cavs were 16.5 point favorites...

If the Warriors and Cavs both sweep all the way to the Finals, it will be a tribute to Pi and LeBron James, the 'king', aka the 'troll'.

Sweep = 23; King = 23; Symbol = 23; Troll = 23

The Warriors and Cavs would meet in the Finals each having played 16-games.  Pi = 16

Remember, Curry is born on Pi Day, and got the big Pi tribute on Mother's Day.  This is also the season that began in 2016, the same year of the last NBA Finals, Warriors over Cavs.

Sixteen = 33; NBA Finals = 33
LeBron = 33; James = 33; Cleveland = 33
Golden St. = 33; Stephen = 33

For each team, it would also be their 17th game, meeting in the NBA Finals,  Both Curry and LeBron were born in Ohio, the 17th State.  From Game 1, I've said this season is all about the trilogy, and Ohio.