Friday, May 5, 2017

27 61 93 103 | Spurs win with 103-points, 27-days days before the start of the NBA Finals +LeBron scoring 103rd points earlier in the day

Earlier today I wrote about LeBron James scoring the 103rd points of the game:

Notice the Spurs won with 103-points tonight.  Today is 27-days from the start of the NBA Finals, June 1, 2017, emphasis on 6/1, because the Spurs won 61 games this year in the regular season.

Notice, 103 is the 27th prime.

Euclid = 27; Square = 27

Those 61-wins are very interesting for the Spurs...

Remember, 'Saturn', is the keeper of 'time'.

Last year the Cavs won Game 7 in Oracle Arena with '93' points.

Remember, to start the 71st season of the NBA, October 25, 2016, the Golden State Warriors, since 1971, were beat by the Spurs by 29-points.

10/25/2016 = 10+25+20+16 = 71

Ohio = 29; Pi = 29; Steph Curry turned 29-years-old this year
129+100 = 229; 229, the 50th prime; San Antonio = 50; Golden State = 50

I'll have to look more carefully at LeBron's NBA Finals history.  The Golden State Warriors are just one fake injury away from being severely outmatched by the Spurs.

In regards to LeBron vs the Spurs...

The Spurs became 4-0 in Championships after they swept the Cavs in 2007, 10-years ago.

The Spurs then became 4-1 in NBA Finals, losing to LeBron on Miami.

San Antonio = 41/50/122
King = 23/41

They later improved to 5-1 beating LeBron in Miami.  If they made it to the Finals this year... and won, they'd be 6-1.  A loss would make them 5-2.  If the Spurs defeated the Cavs, they would be 2-1 against LeBron as well.  Spurs = 21

*The Spurs have been to the playoffs every year since 1997-98:

Let's look at the NBA Finals history for more clues.

*If the Celtics made it to the NBA Finals, it would be the 53rd time all-time the Celtics or Lakers have represented in the NBA Championship game.  Keep in mind this is the 71st season...

Boston = 22 (Next championship will be #22)
Boston won 53 games this season; 53, the 16th prime ('16-'17 season)
Celtics = 71; 71st season

Next in line after the Lakers and Celtics are the Bulls and Spurs.

Then the Warriors, once from Philadelphia...

Then the 76ers... now in Philadelphia...

*Notice Cleveland has a 33% winning percentage in the NBA Finals, and so do the Portland Trailblazers, from the 33rd State.  Cleveland = 33; OR = 33

Don't over analyze, I just like to document.

That said, if LeBron were to face the Spurs or the Warriors, it would be viewed as a 'trilogy'.

'Trilogy' also has the '106' Gematria, like 'Akron, Ohio', where Steph Curry and LeBron are from.

The Godfather, the trilogy...