Sunday, May 21, 2017

27 33 47 66 95 134 138 | Chris Cornell's death changed to May 18, 2017 +Michael Hutchence, Ian Curtis, Robin Williams & David Carradine

Chris Cornell's death has now changed from late May 17, to early May 18, the same time Ian Barton died of Joy Division.  May 18, 2017, was a date with a life lesson number of '33', like the Gematria of 'Rockstar', or 'Chris'.

5/18/2017 = 5+18+(2+0+1+7) = 33

C.C. = 3.3.

From May 18, 2017, to the upcoming eclipse, is 13-weeks and 4-days, something like '134'.  Don't overlook the 3 months and 3 days either.

Eclipse = 95 (Francis Bacon Gematria, 69+26 = 95)

As for the 95-days, his death is being partially blamed on use of Ativan.

Read about these other hanging related deaths and '138'.  May 18 is the 138th day of the year.

Michael Hutchence (INXS):
Ian Curtis (Joy Divison / New Order):
Robin Williams:
David Carradine:

One more point about the 138th day of the year...

138+831 = 969
Orbital Speed of Saturn = 9.69 km / sec
Saturn = 69 (Span of 96-days from May 18 to August 21 eclipse)

Freemason = 96; Knowledge = 96; Satanism = 96

Saturn is the 6th planet.  SIX = 52

Remember, Robert Plant, of Led Zeppelin, is turning 69 August 20, the day before the eclipse, and Chris Cornell's last song was Zeppelin's In my time of dying.

Robert Plant will turn '69' August 20, one day prior to the 'eclipse'.

Also, from Chris Cornell now May 18 passing, to the upcoming 4th of July, or 4/7, is 47-days.  Chris Cornell has the sludgiest, most grungiest song of all, in Fourth of July.


Read more about his death at 52 here:


The city of Seattle, where Chris called home, sits on the 47th parallel.  It is home of the Space Needle and rotating restaurant that does a full rotation every 47 minutes.

Remember, 47 has everything to do with the sun and time.  The tropics, which measure the solstices, are 47 Degrees apart.  Chris was a Cancer, and the Tropic of Cancer is most important to the north.

47 degrees on the Freemason compasses, and the 47th problem of Euclid.

Chris Cornell was also born on the anniversary of the 'Moon' landing.

Think about the moon in relation to the upcoming eclipse.  Think about Chris being born on the anniversary date of the moon landing.  Think about his music and the sun.  Think about the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and their knowledge about the relationship between the earth, sun, moon and stars...

In Cornell's song 'Pretty Noose', it begins with lyrics about the moon.

Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58; Solomon's Temple = 58
Soundgarden = 58; The Wizard of Oz = 58; Emerald = 58; Detroit, MI = 58

More on the moon from Dan Behrendt.  Remember, Chris was reported dead on May 17, the 137th day of the year.  That is now the date in history he performed his last show in Detroit, Michigan, at the Fox Thetaer, just like how Prince did his last show at Fox Theater in Atlanta.

Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!

The date of the eclipse has '66' numerology, like Revelation, the 66th Book of the Bible.  Think about 'Chris', 'Christ' and the sun.

8/21/2017 = 8+21+20+17 = 66

The United States of America will turn 241-years-old this July 4, and in light of that, look at this tweet used in a recent Washington Post article on the death of Chris Cornell:

Alper = 52; Eric Alper = 57

Call it a coincidence, but it is probably not.

241 is the 53rd prime number
53 is the 16th prime

July 4 with come 16-days before what would have been Chris Cornell's birthday.

Pi = 16

"I can tell you why the end will never come, I can tell you why, shadow on the sun."

Oh yes, and he also died 27-days after performing 'The Promise' or '52', on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon.

103, the 27th prime