Sunday, May 14, 2017

33 47 111 113 188 211 | Trump issued order to prepare Electric Grid against cyber attacks, May 11, 2017, the day before the 'WannaCry' virus (May 12)

So on May 11, 2017, "Saturn Day", the White House signed an 'order' to "protect" the power grid.  In case you're new here, my work began with tracking the "upcoming national blackout", something that has been foreshadowed for more than a decade, going back to just after September 11, 2001.

5/11/17 = 5+11+17 = 33 (Order) (Federal) (False Flag)

May 11 can be written 11/5.  Trump and the 115th Congress.

Now, the Gematria of 'Electric Grid'.

Donald John Trump = 68
Master = 76
Mainstream = 113 (What's more mainstream than electricity?)
The Apprentice = 211; 211, the 47th prime; President = 47; Trump = 47

Consider that this move was made the day before the 'WannaCry' virus and cyber attack that impacted reportedly 99 countries.

See my work on 'WannaCry' here:

ALSO, this news came 111 days after Chump became President, January 20.

Recall the four power outages in the U.S. on April 21, the 111th day of the year:

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