Saturday, May 13, 2017

16 33 41 61 67 85 90 121 122 153 | Death of Bay Area (Homestead) High School student, Kimberly Nuestro, and Steph Curry signing her shoes, May 11, 2017

First, this girl was born April 21, the 111th day of the year, and she died May 7, or 5/7... I'm having major Prince de ja vu, who died at 57 on April 21, 2016.

The date she died had 'Warriors' numerology.

5/7/2017 = 5+7+20+17 = 49

She died 16-days after her 16th birthday, or a span of 17-days.  This death comes near the end of the 2016-17 NBA Season.

KIM = 11+9+13 = 33

The story of this teenager's death, doubles as an ad for Steph Curry's shoes.

Her name matches 'Golden State Warriors'.

Last year, LeBron James, defeated the Warriors on the real King James's birthday, June 19, a man with a Bible named after him, the KJV.

The incident that killed her happened in Santa Clara.

She was at 'Mission College', having Gematria of '67', like 'blood sacrifice', a fateful number.  The Warriors also won 67 games this year.

This story came on May 11, or 5/11.

Saturn = 93/511; Oracle Arena = 93 (Cavs won with 93, Game 7, in Oracle)

5/11/17 = 5+11+17 = 33

This story comes from Cupertino.

Notice the 121, like Warriors.

 (41) ***

Notice the 122, like Golden State.

Golden State just closed out Utah with 121 points in Game 4, as per usual.

Her high school, Homestead High School is interesting for a lot of reasons.

Homestead is also Biblical, like the name Philadelphia, where the Warriors are originally from, or like the coding always surrounding pro sports championships.

Think miraculous catch of 153 fish...

And last notes about 'Mission College' and 'Bay Area High School'.

Remember, when Curry's 3-point streak came to an end at 157 games at the Staples Center?

157, the 37th prime

Also, there is this...

The Bavarian Illuminati = 221

221, the reflection of 122

Elohim = 122; Freemason = 122

Also, notice she died at STANFORD Medical Center.

Murder = 34
Death = 97
All Seeing Eye = 119; Star of David = 119; Master Plan = 119

She was a 'sophomore', another '119'.

Also, 38, fateful 38.

She died 5-717?  What does that mean?  Anyone know?

The name of her father, Ramir Nuestro, also sums to 153.

Ramir = 59; Kill = 59; 59, the 17th prime

Notice the motto, #signforkim

Also, 58.

Prep2Prep also has the very familiar '106' to the Warriors.



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UPDATE:  Stephen A. Smith is now 1-6 in NBA Finals picks with the Golden State Warriors it was made big news he was 0-6 before these NBA Finals.

His mother also died at age 61, just before they began:  Finals = 61; Time = 61