Friday, May 5, 2017

47 132 147 | CNN, The white guys are back in charge, May 5, 2017 +Related to repeal of Obamacare

Notice this headline is in relation to the legislation named after the first Black President.

147 windows at the White House.

Freemason = 147; President of the United States = 147; U.S. President = 147

132 rooms at the White House

United States of America = 132; Catholic Church = 132; England = 132

This news comes May 5, 2017.

5/5/2017 = 5+5+20+17 = 47

Notice the '47' connection to 'white guys' and 'White House'.

Will the next President be a non-white female?  I have very little doubt the next President will be female, I fear it might even be Hillary Clinton, at 73, but could it be someone else?  Oprah?  Michael Moore always has dreamed of Oprah being the President.  Michelle Obama?  Compared to her husband, she has broader shoulders and is taller.  I once read in a Gladwell book that it is height which commands authority.