Friday, May 19, 2017

52 59 64 65 175 | Chris Cornell's wife disputes 'intentional' death of Chris Cornell, May 19, 2017 +More "52" coding

As I often say, decode the emphasized words, such as 'intentional'.

It's a long list of '52' for Chris Cornell already.  Here is more.

Again, Chris Cornell, or 'Mr. Cornell', has passed at 52.

Read more about dead at '52' here:

He also died a span of 65-days from his upcoming birthday, #53.

You could also say 64-days later.  Cornell was born in '64, but not with the name Chris Cornell.

His wife's name also has a lot do with the date of his death.

5/17/2017 = 5+17+20+17 = 59 (Motown established in '59) (Negro) (Blues) (Slave) (Kill)

The date May 17 can be written 17/5, like 175.

The Wizard of Oz was published May 17, 1900.  It's about the 'Emerald City', where Chris Cornell is from, or at least the other Emerald City, Seattle.  Emerald City = 52

Here are the word of his wife.