Sunday, February 3, 2019

6 17 19 21 35 74 85 104 | 21 Savage arrested in Atlanta before Super Bowl 53 by ICE, February 3, 2019

*21, the 6th triangular; Brady going to get #6 later today...

This ICE related news comes Super Bowl Sunday, February 3, 2019.

2/3/2019 = 2+3+2+0+1+9 = 17

There is also a relationship with ICE and 21 Savage.  (Keep in mind this is the year '19...)

The rapper claims Atlanta as his home city, the location of Super Bowl 53.


His name corresponds with 'Georgia', the location of the game.

His birth name connects to his rap name.

Notice he is 26-years-old, the number we are keeping an eye on this NFL season.

From his birthday to today is 104-days, and they're saying he is British...

Also noteworthy, I-85 runs right by the stadium...

This man also has the cross on his head.

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