Wednesday, February 20, 2019

16 20 47 61 111 | Zion Williamson's fake injury & the "shoe", UNC @ Duke, February 20, 2019

On a date with 16 and 61 numerology, Zion Williamson's shoe tears apart in the opening minute of the game.

2/20/2019 = 2+20+20+19 = 61
2/20/2019 = 2+2+0+2+0+1+9 = 16

The 47 is in tribute to the opponent.

The NCAA Championship is in 47-days as well, April 8, 2019.

The 20 is for the 20th of February.

And you know what's up with the 16 and 61.


Notice Duke had 111 wins against North Carolina coming into this game.

And recall, Duke became 11-1 in New York, beating Texas Tech earlier this year.

Duke came into this game 11-1 in the ACC tonight.  They will exit 11-2.


  1. Zion will play cor the Cavs' in 2020

  2. It was 39 seconds in to show hes goin to NY

    1. When I turned on the game there was 4 minutes remains in the game they couldn't stop talking about 33 seconds into the game. Did you watch the game or are you readying newspapers?

  3. "Stepped on a pop-top and blew out his flip flop."

  4. It was actually 36 seconds so you’re all wrong. Bunch of dopes in here, yes the numbers mean a lot but it’s def not a fake injury !!

    1. Definitely was a fake injury....he slipped at 29/30 seconds...the announcer said the word injury at "33" seconds, the timeout was called at 36 seconds...he wasn't in the locker room at halftime.

  5. "Shoe Blowout" = 61(Reverse Single Reduction)
    "Out Of His Shoe" = 61(Full Reduction)
    "Never Before" = 61(Full Reduction) Obviously, something like this had "never before" occurred.
    "February 16, 2019" = 61(Full Reduction)

    North Carolina won by 16-points, winning with 88(8+8 = 16)after Zion's shoe blowout. "Tar Heels" = 88
    *Both teams previous played on the 16th of February.
    "Feb 20" = 16(Reverse Full Reduction)

    "Out Of His Shoe" = 160(English Ordinal) - 160-total points for the game

    "Shoe Blowout" = 47(Full Reduction) - 47-days before the title game

    "Thirty Three Seconds In" = 111(Reverse Full Reduction) - Duke 11-1 in the ACC with 111-wins all time vs Carolina.

    "P. George Nike" = 112(English Ordinal) - Zion was wearing a Paul George Nike shoe which fell apart somehow? What a joke! Duke's next win vs UNC will be their 112th in the series.

    44th U.S. President, Barack Obama was in attendance to witness this ridiculous spectacle.

    "Shoe Blowout" = 44(Septenary)
    "Shoe Tear" = 44(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Surprise" = 44(Full Reduction)

  6. This crap made me think of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson for some reason.

    "Shoeless Joe Jackson" = 61(Full Reduction)
    "The Shoeless One" = 61(Full Reduction) - #1 Zion lost his shoe due to a blowout.
    "Philadelphia" = 61(Reverse Full Reduction) Philadelphia Athletics was his first team

    He was born on the 16th of July, with the emphasis on 16, the number of points that UNC won by and the date numerology.

    His MLB debut occurred on 8/25 in 1908(8+25 = 33, like the 33-seconds in which the commentators said that Zion's shoe fell apart)(8+2+5+1+9+0+8 = 33)

  7. Also, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson's last game came in 1920 and Zion Williamson blew through his shoe in 2019. Just reverse the two double digits keeping the emphasis on 20 when the mysterious incident occurred and voila!

  8. The #8 (Carolina - 8 letters) (Tar Heels - 8 letters) won with 88-points vs Duke, 8-days before the end of the month, and both teams had a combined 8-losses after this game. The 44th President, Obama was in attendance(4+4 = 8) Both teams had a combined 44-wins after this game.

    "Tar Heels" = 88(English Ordinal)

    "North Carolina" = 888(English Sumerian)

    #1 Duke is blown out after #1 Zion Williamson blows through his shoe, with the former President of the U.S.A. watching.

    "#1 Blown Out" = 41(Reverse Full Reduction) - The player's shoe and his team.

    "Duke" = 41(English Ordinal)
    "Coach K" = 41(English Ordinal)
    "U.S.A." = 41(English Ordinal)


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