Friday, February 22, 2019

44 53 76 102 | Brambleton, Virginia elementary school apologiez for Underground Railroad history lesson, February 22, 2019 news

On the 53rd day of the year, we get another story bringing together race, slavery and Virginia.

Today is February 22.

31 days in January + 22 days in February = 53rd day of the year

The location of Brambleton is not an accident either, as this story has to do with the Underground Railroad.

This year, August 2019, will be 400-years since slaved arrived in America.

That ties in with the prophecy of Acts 7:6.

For the record, Acts is the 44th Book of the Bible.

Think of MLK killed on 4/4, April 4.
Think of Malcolm X killed on February 21, 1965, a date with 44 numerology.
Think of X's assassin, Thomas Hagan, who received 44-years in prison.  Thomas Hagan = 44
And think of Obama, the 44th President, elected 44-years after the Civil Rights Act o 1964.

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  1. That verse in the KJV sums to *2019* - Reverse Ordinal


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