Tuesday, February 26, 2019

26 102 | A reminder about Le'Veon Bell's sit out season and the signifcance of 26

Like we said about Le'Veon last year, he was part of the 26 ritual for the AFC's coming 26th championship.  Notice shit shot here, with the 99 in the background, for the 99th NFL season.

Le'Veon = 26; He was 26-years-old last NFL season (The sit out season)


$102-million?  Nashville?




  1. Harper n machado are both 26 years old. Manny machado (MM) signed his deal 10yr 300m he wears #13. M is the 13th letter.

    Harper is still unsigned. But the dodgers had a brinks truck outside their training facility yesterday. They are back in on trying to sign him. N now this this story of bell n the jets.

    Tom bradys rookie card today at acution fetched $400,100 (41).

    So much coding n rituals going on!!

  2. The number 1 draft last year was number 26 Saquan Barkley = SB.

  3. Predators, Stanley Cup finals possible?

  4. Keep an eye on Antonio Brown too! A lot of shit going on with him!


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