Monday, February 25, 2019

33 53 | Robert Kraft was charged with soliciting sex on January 20, 2019, 33-days before the news broke

Recall, the news broke on the 53rd day of the year.

That means Kraft was charged 33-days before the news broke.

Today's news comes on a date with 46 and 66 numerology.

2/25/2019 = 2+25+20+19 = 66 (Belichick's 6th at age 66) (Thirty-Three = 66)
2/25/19 = 2+25+19 = 46 (Tom Brady = 46) (Patriots = 46)


  1. I'm pissing off 3 sports forums, for calling it fake...they say, well they have video..yeah, thst they don't show you and if they did, it would less then 30 seconds of a digital fake.. No one gets it

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