Tuesday, February 26, 2019

47 911 | Appeals court backs AT&T acquisition of Time Warner, February 26, 2019


The interesting thing about this news coming on the 26-year anniversary of the WTC bombing, February 26, 1993, is that today is 911-weeks after September 11, 2001.

Recall, in 1968...

9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code
WTC construction began in New York
George W. Bush graduated from Yale & Skull and Bones
*It is a span of 68-days from W.'s birthday each year to September 11


9-1-1 was made the dialing code on February 16, the 47th day of the year.

Today, February 26, 2019, has 47 date numerology.

2/26/19 = 2+26+19 = 47

As for 'Time Warner', they remind that the World Trade Centers were opened April 4, 1973.

Read about Verizon turning 911-weeks old on the date of the Net Neutrality vote:

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