Wednesday, February 20, 2019

112 | Zion Williamson out with mild 'knee sprain' as Duke falls to 11-2 in ACC, February 20, 2019

153, the 17th triangular number

Do you think my YouTube stats are legit?

Read prior decode on Zion's fake injury here:

As Duke falls to 11-2 in the ACC, Zion has a 'knee sprain'.


  1. 112th prime is 613

    "Justin Fairfax"=613(Satanic)
    JUSTIN Fairfax the 41st Lt. Governor of Virginia is being accused of sexual assault with Former NBA Player Corey Magge(tt)e. Fairfax & Magge(tt)e are Duke University Alum's and Maggette is currently an Analyst for FOX(666) Sports. Actor JUSTIN Smolle(tt) aka Jussie Smollett from the TV Show Empire on the FOX (666) Network, is currently being investigated for filing a false police report in Chicago, IL. Coach Krzyzewski was born on FEBRUARY 13, 1947(47) (2/13, 213) in Chicago, IL.
    "Justin Smollett"=47(Full Red.) 47th prime is 211
    "Chicago,IL"=47(Jewish Red.)
    "Mike Krzyzewski"=211(English Ordinal)

    "Justin Edward Fairfax"=213(English Ordinal)
    "Black History Month"=213(English Ordinal)

  2. The coach of Syracuse hit and killed someone on the highway last night.

  3. "Zion Williamson" = 191 / 187 just like "Society of Jesus".
    "February twentieth" = 220, it's written 2/20, and it's 220 days before the Jesuit Order's anniversary.
    "Duke / North Carolina" = 189 / 270. This injury was 189 days, or 27 weeks 0 days, after Zion made his debut.


  4. "Strange Occurrence" = 189(English Ordinal)
    "Strange Occurrence" = 270(Reverse Ordinal)

  5. Can Duke win 6th title by being in championship game ?? UNC's Roy Williams will stay at 6. Mike Krzyzewski wins his 6th. Just like Belichick got #6 and Saban stayed at 6.

    Duke has won all finals it played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy.


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