Thursday, February 28, 2019

20 228 | The Momo Challenge, In Gematria

Notice the latest on February 28, or 2/28, like 228.


  1. Oakland A's and Seattle Mariners series in Tokyo for MLBs season opener. The artist who created the Momo sculpture for a Tokyo art show is "Keisuke Aisawa" = 135 ordinal 1331 Jewish.

    The 2 game series will be counted as home games for Oakland. Currently the Mariners Away record is 133-190. If they win two they'll be at 135 wins with the series total games at 325 and with the Tokyo series ending on a date a 325 day span from the day it was announced May 1st, 2018. 325 sum of the magic square of Mars.

  2. Link to Back to the Future- Marty is at the Twin Pines Mall at 1:16. MOMO CHALLENGE=116 JO. George Mc Fly = 116 EO. George was "BIRD WATCHING" 119 JO. MOMO is a bird like creature. "SUICIDE" is 119 in RO and "TWIN PINES MALL PARKING LOT" is 119 SR. Marty arrives at the mall at 1:15. "MOMO CHALLENGE IS A HOAX =115 RSR. Another mass death of children involving suicide? It is interesting that " A CHILD CARE CENTER SHOOTING" is 119 FR.


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