Tuesday, February 19, 2019

38 43 46 49 118 219 | TJ Cunninham, former Seahawk, gunned down February 17, 2019, in Colorado

It's another Seattle related story in 2019.

On Sunday, February 17, the 48th day of the year, a former Seattle Seahawk, who played college football in Colorado, was shot in Colorado.

Remember when the Seahawks beat the Colorado team, the Denver Broncos, in Super Bowl 48?

The Seahawks won with 43-points.

This shooting comes 14-days after the Super Bowl.  43, the 14th prime

This shooting happened on a date with 38 numerology as well.  2/17/19 = 2+17+19 = 38


He died 15-days after the Super Bowl.


He would died Monday, February 18, or 2/18, like 218, on his 118th day of his age.

He died on the 49th day of the year.

He wore the #8.

And in light of the Super Bowl... it was just #53 (the 49th of the modern era).

*The shape of the football is the Vesica Piscis.

The winner of #53 were the New England Patriots (2/17 shooting...)

He also died 16-weeks and 6-days from his birthday.

Last, he was 46-years-old.

He was a Chicago native.

RIP to Joe Tofflemire, a former Seahawk who died on the Jesuit birthday at age 46.

Catholic = 46; Sacrifice = 46; *JFK dead at 46

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  1. 49-ers.
    ..in other news, Seattle will get a hockey team in a season or two.


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