Friday, February 22, 2019

46 84 | Bleacher Report writes Gonzaga could win March Madness, February 22, 2019

Today is a span of 46-days from the championship, April 8, 2019.

Catholic = 46
Jesuit = 84 (April 8, or 8/4) 

Gonzaga is a Catholic-Jesuit school.


  1. Karl Anthony towns had his 303 games played streak ended

  2. Why not, half the pro teams in California are/ have been in finals all decade

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    1. I'm thinking Gonzaga vs UNC in the finals.

      Look at #15 in the image. Coach Roy Williams is in his 15th year of coaching the Tar Heels.
      "Mark Few"=32(Full Red.)
      #32 Luke Maye had 15 rebounds and 30 pts in the win against Duke on 2/20. Roy Williams is 68 yrs old and there are 68 teams in March Madness. Also, this year is the 81st March Madness and Williams was born on 8/1/1950 (8/1, 81).

      "29 Years"=42(Reverse Full Red.)
      "Luke Maye"=42(Reverse Full Red.)
      "February"=42(Full Red.)
      Rui Hachimuri was born on February 8th (28) and #12 & #16 (SB 53) sum to 28. Also, Rui and Maye are 6 ft 8 inches (68) in height.

      "Luke David Maye"=133(English Ordinal) 133/331
      "North Carolina Tar Heels"=331(Reverse Ordinal)
      13-3 (133) were the final SB 53 scores.


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