Tuesday, February 26, 2019

911 | House votes to overturn Trump's emergency declaration, February 26, 2019

Today, February 26, 2019, is 911-weeks since September 11, 2001.

As we know, Trump's wall has everything to do with the Berlin Wall, which fell November 9, or 9/11.

The jokes roll on.


  1. Nancy Pelosi=133
    border wall construction=133
    One three three=74
    one hundred thirty three=303
    Nancy Patricia Pelosi
    Nancy Pelosi's 79th birthday is in 28 days.

  2. donald trump nine eleven mastermind = 1444 satanic - 38x38

  3. Zach you need to do a post about all 47 headlines from the past year, Trumps 47 percent approval rating from last summer, Trumps 47 outrageous lines from his speech, the wall 47 days ahead of schedule, plus a whole bunch more I'm sure......this is ridiculous. It's the compass and square people....geeze

  4. On the 147th day since the Presidential emergency alert

    There are 147 windows in the Whitehouse

    From and including: Wednesday, October 3, 2018
    To and including: Tuesday, February 26, 2019
    Result: 147 days
    21 weeks

    "President of the United States" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    "sixteen hundred Pennsylvania avenue" = 147 (Full Reduction)
    "Crucifixion of Jesus Christ" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    "The Donald J Trump Crucifixion" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    "The Central Intelligence Agency" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    "National Security Advisor" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Three Hundred Twenty Two Skull and Bones" = 147 (Full Reduction)
    "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Assassination of John F Kennedy" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    "fractional reserve banking" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Social justice warriors" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Ancient Scottish Freemasons" = 147 (Reverse Full Reduction)

    "Eight Eight Eight" = 147 (English Ordinal)
    "US president" = 147 (Reverse Ordinal)
    "Master builder" = 147 (English Ordinal)
    "Freemason" = 147 (Reverse Ordinal)
    "fourth of July" = 147 (Reverse Ordinal)

    "war" = 147 (Satanic)
    "DOW" = 147 (Satanic)
    "NYC" = 147 (Satanic)
    "sin" = 147 (Satanic)
    "gun" = 147 (Satanic)

    "The Donald J Trump Crucifixion" = 2211 (English Extended)

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