Sunday, February 24, 2019

11 44 66 84 224 | Black Panther costume designer Ruth Carter makes history at Oscars, February 24, 2019

Today is February 24, or 2/24, like 224.

The divisors of 84 sum to 224.

The divisors of 44 sum to 84.  African-American = 44 (Septenary)

The first African-American... for the film Black Panther...

The Black Panther Party was established in '66.

66, the 11th triangular number; Black = 11

And for one last point, this award comes 373-days after the release of the film



  2. Cargo jet crashes in Texas = 91. 134.
    91st Oscars.
    13w 4d after release of best picture Green Book.

  3. Airplane crashes in Texas = 241.
    2019 Oscars = 54.

  4. Zach, what about this here

    The 2012-13 Lakers had the same record as the Lakers now after 59 games. 29-30

    Kobe was 34 years old. Same with LeBron now hes 34 years old too.

    12-13 Lakers finished with record of 45-37 and reached the playoffs.

    Can LeBron do the same and lift the Lakers to the PlayOffs?

    1. Looks like you nailed it.
      The KJV came out the year King James turned 45.

  5. Ruth Carter thanked Spike Lee (BlacKKKlansman) in her speech.
    "Costume Designer Ruth Carter"=120(Full Red.)
    "February"=120(Reverse Ordinal) 120(12)

    "Black Panther and BlacKKKlansman"=93(Full Red.) 93 (9+3=12) 93/39
    "Martin Luther King Jr."=93(Full Red.)
    "Black History Month"=93(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Ninety-Three"=55(Reverse Full Red.)
    February 24th is the 55th day of the year.

    "Slave Ship"=39(Full Red.)
    Spike mentioned that 1st Slave Ship in his award speech. Actor Samuel L. Jackson informed Lee in his speech as one the Presenters that the NY Knicks defeated the Spurs last night. He told Spike that the final score was 130-118 (130-118=12).

    "Slave Ships"=130(English Ordinal)

    12 Tribes Of Israel, 12 Zodiac Signs, Chinese 12 yr cycle Animal Calendar, 12 Olympians, 12 Constellations, 12 months on the Gregorian Calendar.

  6. Hi Zach. I'm wondering if there is anything in this. It has to do with 11th August.

    The album 'The Queen is Dead' by The Smiths, was released 33 years ago on 16th June 2019. The release date had numerology of 127 (16th June 1986: 6+16+19+86=127).

    From the Queen's 93rd birthday to the anniversary of the album’s release is 1 month and 27 days.

    Steven Patrick Morrissey (Morrissey, lead singer of The Smiths) has a gematria of 137, the 33rd prime (like the 33rd anniversary).

    His name, shares this gematria with the name of his band’s third studio album, ‘The Queen is Dead’- also, 137.

    From the 33rd anniversary of the album’s release to 11th August, 2019 (a date that you have done an incredible amount of excellent work on) is 1 month and 27 days (127, again).

    11th August can also be written as 118. The release date of the album also has numerology of 118 (16th June 1986: 6+1+6+19+86=118).

    There is no doubt a great deal more to it. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills and knowledge that you possess to see things as clearly as I would like.

    1. I think you're onto something huge here. 137, the 33rd prime.
      127, the 31st prime (31 the 11th prime)
      Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127

      I'll think about this.

    2. The guy on the cover of "The Queen is Dead" is Alain Delon, taken from the french movie "L’Insoumis". He was born in 1935 - on November 8 or 11/8 or 8.11.

      Regarding 127 - Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127 FR


    2/22/2019 =63 Vietnam war= 63. 2/22 is 170 days from 8/11. World war three= 170. THe news is reported on 2/25 167 days from 8/11 and Judge Gray miller= 167


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