Tuesday, February 19, 2019

33 60 | Editor of Alabama newspaper is calling for the return of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), CNN news, February 19, 2019


This news comes on a date with 60 and 33 numerology.

2/19/2019 = 2+19+20+19 = 60

2/19/2019 = 2+19+(2+0+1+9) = 33


  1. "Fake KKK News Story" = 214 O <<< What day did Story Appear?
    "Fake News Story Code"=214 K

    "Fake Manufactured News"=911 S
    "Two Thousand Nineteen"= 911


  2. The Synagogue Of Satan Bavarian I(ll)uminati AshkeNAZI's Archons love the #11. In (K)lu (K)lux (K)lan you have the #11 three times, like 113 (K=11). Which coincides with the German US President Donald Trump, who born in the 11th State (New York).

    The KKK was found in the year 1865(65) in Pulaski, Tennessee.
    "Bavarian Archons"=65(Full Red.) 65 (6 + 5=11)

    "Pulaski,Tennessee"=60(Full Red.)60/90_#6 is the #9 upside down
    "Black History Month 2019"=90(Full Red.)
    If MLK Jr. were alive he would've turned 90 yrs old this year.
    If Jackie Robinson were alive he would've turned 100 on 1/31/19
    (1/31, 131) and 100 + 90 =190 (19).

    "Synagogue Of Satan"=190(English Ordinal)

    The KKK is aka a "White Supremacist Hate Group".
    "White Supremacist Hate Group"=131(Jewish Red.)
    "Crucifixion"=131(English Ordinal)
    The AshkeNAZI Swastika is some kind of Cross/Crucifix.
    131 is the 32nd prime
    "German"=32(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Germany"=32(Jewish Red.)

    "Nazi Swastika"=45(Full Red.)
    Trump is the 45th President and Hitler died in 1945(45).


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