Wednesday, February 20, 2019

5 19 55 66 174 | New Tool album in 2019 (of couse)

Of course a new Tool album is being released in 2019, emphasis on '19.

I have zero doubt Maynard is aware of this knowledge of Gematria.

If it weren't for Maynard, I never would have probably discovered the code.

He and Tool were the first inspiration I ever had to look into the occult.

I imagine the release of the album will be synced with his 55th birthday.

Maynard is into Fibonacci numbers.

This will be Tool's 5th album.

*Maynard Keenan = 54

And notice how his full name goes with his birthday.  17/4 like 174...

Notice the tour dates begin on May 5, or 5/5...

Danny Carey years ago said he studied Satanic mathematics to come up with his drum beats for Tool.  I was clueless at the time, but it made me wonder.

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