Tuesday, February 26, 2019

5 42 102 | Mother and daughter charged with killing 5 family members, February 26, 2019 news

This month, February, we've seen 5 black teenagers kill a white man (per the media).
We've seen a black man kill 5 people at his workplace (per the media).
Now this, about a black family, with 5 killed.

The name of the mother has standout gematria...

The name of the daughter has gematria that stands out as well, equating to words such as 'Freemason', 'Masonry' and 'Freemason'.  84 / 147 / 158

This news comes on a date with 47 and 67 numerology.

2/26/2019 = 2+26+20+19 = 67 (Killer = 67) (67, the 19th prime)
2/26/19 = 2+26+19 = 47



  1. Bucks County near Philadelphia? maybe this is foreshadowing the Bucks vs 76ers in the NBA playoffs?

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  3. "Wanted To Die"=120(English Ordinal)120/102(12)
    "February"=120(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Twelve"=24(Full Red.) 24/42
    Here's another story with the #5 on 2/26/2019.
    "Five"=42(English Ordinal)
    Yesterday there was a Special Election for a Public Advocate in NYC, declared by Mayor Bill DeBlasio.
    "Special Election:-67(Full Red.)

    There was a total of 17 Candidates and 5 were African American/Black. 42 yr old Jumaane Williams (African American) is now the Public Advocate Elect.

    When I was growing up there was a movie, categorized as a Black Exploitation Film titled: "FIVE" On The Black Hand Side"


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