Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Abnormal weather across the nation, February 20, 2019 news

Where I live, all the locals are saying this is the most snow they've seen in their lifetime.


  1. "The Winter Storm Operation Code Named [Petra]"===444, 555
    "Military Weather Operation Name"===333
    "East Coast Extreme Weather Code Name"=333
    "Manufacture Extreme U.S. Weather"==333
    "Petra Extreme Weather East Coast"===333
    "Target the Eastern Seaboard"======333 K

    "Code Name" = 33, 60 O
    "Petra"========60 O
    "Death"=======60 K
    "Evil"========60 K
    "O.K."=======60 J
    "New York City"=60 R
    "Target Ohio U.S.A"=60 R
    "Target Kentucky U.S.A."=60 R
    "Target Midwest U.S."==60 R
    "Create Weather"====60 R
    "Increase U.S.A Usage"=60 R
    "Grid Testing"=====60 R



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