Friday, January 13, 2017

42 | Tommy Sotomayor, paid for shill, Jewish owned YouTube personality, made to demean black people

Tommy Sotomayor is not the birth name of this man, who is paid to play the part of an ignorant nigger, like other YouTube personalities (CashNastyGaming, etc.).  And don't get mad at me for phrasing it that way, because that is exactly what he is paid to do.

I also wonder why black people get duped into falling for these personalities that are paid for to make their race look idiotic, as Tommy Sotomayor does.

TS = 20+19 = 39 (We know who goes by the 39 Books in the OT, the same people who coined the term 'nigger')

Tommy = 2+6+4+4+7 = 23
Sotomayor = 1+6+2+6+4+1+7+6+9 = 42/51
Tommy Sotomayor = 65/74 (Masonic = 74) (Jewish = 74)

Listen to this stupid motherfucker.  His lesson on "nigga" and "nigger" is complete bullshit, just like everything else that comes out of his mouth:

Black people know there is a difference between the word nigga and nigger.  Tommy Sotomayor tries to explain that there is no difference between the words, it is just that black people pronounce words with an 'er' ending as 'a'...  "nigger"... "nigga".... this is 100% false.  All black people know nigga is not considered an attack, but nigger is.  Anyway, this dude needs to be 86'd, along with all the other people of the world that sellout the masses for dollars.