Tuesday, July 9, 2019

12 27 37 62 | Ross Perot dies the same day Tom Steyer announces he is running for President, July 9, 2019

On the same day Tom Steyer, a billionaire, announces he is running for President, another billionaire who once ran for President, Ross Perot, is dead.  Today is July 9, 2019.

Adding insult to injury, they both have the same birthday.

Ross Perot was 62, 27-years ago, when he announced he was running for President.

Sacrifice = 62


Notice how CNN swapped their top middle stories with the two billionaires.

Read about Tom Steyer here:

This comes 12-days after their respective birthdays.

Today can be expressed 7/9, like 79, or 9/7, like 97.

Ross Perot's company was Electronic Data Systems.


Ross Perot is dead from 'leukemia', which connects to 'Tom Steyer'.

Update:  Now CNN is really clowning.


Notice the detail about 1979 and the hoax Iranian hostage crisis.  Don't overlook the '74 mention either...


  1. Did anyone else think that Perot had already died? We've seen before how often they sync up "official" death (& birth) dates to compliment the Bigger Picture ... & this "coincidental synchronicity" is a good example. Whether they keep the body on ice or they're still alive somewhere, the practice is too common to be ignored.
    "Death Date Yet To Be Determined" = 113 red
    "Conspiracy" = 113 eo
    "Coincidental Synchronicity" = 291 eo, 129 red ...
    Both can be reduced to 111 ...
    "One One One" = 33 rr ... :D ;D

  2. Wolfs Head society 🐺
    I don’t trust this guy from Yale University or anyone running for president. The attack on the WTC happened under two Yale graduates Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush.
    Tom Steyer, a billionaire, announces he is running for President, meanwhile another billionaire who ran for President, Ross Perot, is dead July 9, 2019. Another “coincidence” about Tom and Ross is that they share the same birthday June 27.

  3. Notice 3.7 million in cash found on abandoned boat ?
    Notice the Bone collector #37 be Mayweather ?
    Notice San Francisco mint 1937
    Notice Goode gate bridge 1937

    Notice Tom Steyer was sent a mail bomb?
    By the Miami bomber ??

  4. Steven ROSS owns the dolphins all part of super bowl 54

    What number was Teddy Bruschi ? Who had a stroke=88

    Notice Kraft had the shaming ritual ? Trafficking
    Just like Epstein in palm beach

    45 in office tried to hire Shula !!!
    Trump is tied to Fordham rams like Lombardi

    They’re going to name the Lombardi the “ Belichik”!!!
    Ask micheal Irving who wore #47 at the U

    #12 goes and wins #7 in Miami in that cities 11th super bowl
    Same reason #11 went was out of Super Bowl and #11 Edelman was mvp

    Seahawks vs Patriots

    Seahawks drafted 1 arm player
    Dolphins player #74 loses arm on 7/4 😆
    Miami miracle #32 drake

    My second choice is Saints since #11 was hit by #23 last season P.I

    They won Super Bowl 44 in Miami now get killed by Brady
    Bree’s or Wilson C’s Brady bank on it !

    The fucking browns going nowhere!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/video/michael-irvin-lombardi-trophy-should-be-named-after-belichick-if-pats-win

  6. Notice jimmy johnson Always praised Beluchik!!
    Said spy gate was not illegal

  7. The black out was Super Bowl 47

    Ravens vs SF ... 32 minutes just like drake #32 Miami miracle

    Remember Ray Lewis #52 with 2 rings that’s (72)!! Or 27

    Pats going 19-0 Brady is going 7-3

  8. The 811 is 18-1 pats !!!! Not a fucking disaster !!!

    ‘Tish bav is a HOAX by the Jews

    The pats will avenge the 18-1 get perfection in Miami

  9. Brady wants to retire at age 45 NOT
    It’s super bowl 54 !!!

    All the California deaths psyops are Brady tributes
    And bush 41 !!!

    Angels player #45 dead at 27 vs Texas rangers owned by bush!!!


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