Monday, July 11, 2016

27 33 44 59 77 93 107 | The death of Dallas Police Chief David Brown's son, June 20, 2010

This story came out on a fitting date.

7/10/16 = 7+10+16 = 33 (Police = 33)
7/10/2016 = 7+10+20+16 = 53 (Shooting = 44/53)

Notice the Dallas Police Chief's son, David Brown Jr., was 27-years old when he was killed.  His name gematria is also interesting, corresponding with his death.

Further, notice that the killing came on 'Father's Day's.  Here, the father, the police chief, lost his son.

The numbers 44 and 59 connect to 'kill'.

The detail about '17-miles south' of Dallas also seems to fit into the coding.  The word 'kill' has Pythagorean Gematria of '17'.

As for the location, Lancaster, it has gematria connecting to 'sacrifice' and 'Saturn', the keeper of time.

Notice he had been police chief for 7-weeks.  7 represents complete in numerology.

Think about the 7/7 shooting in Dallas, a staged hoax.

It is clear that if Brown's son was truly killed, it was a blood sacrifice, for him to take the lead of the Freemason run Dallas Police Department.

The date of death was June 20, 2010.


  1. "Police Involved Shooting" = 117

    "On the Job Fatalities" = 74

    1. Note that they say he suffered from "Bi-Polar Disorder"

      "Bi-Polar Disorder" = 84 & 165
      "Divide and Conquer" - 84 & 165

    2. psychotic breakdown -- 211/85/1815
      PCP -- 35/17/123

  2. The TV show Dallas hoaxed America in the 80s by having the entire 9th season revealed to be a dream of the character named Pamela Ewing. The first episode of season 10 us named Return to Camelot
    Aired on Sept 26, 1986.

    Seems like Dallas is just the right place to have make believe BS happen. One of them anyway