Monday, July 11, 2016

33 34 63 121 135 | Isaiah Crowell, Cleveland Browns, tweet police officer getting their throat cut, July 11, 2016 news

It is interesting that this news about #34 for the Browns comes today, July 11, 2016.

7/11/16 = 7+11+16 = 34
Murder = 4+3+9+4+5+9 = 34

33 likes, eh?

Cleveland = 33
Race War = 33
Police = 33

His name in gematria is interesting.  If you sum 1-63, it totals 2016.  Also, his name gematria of '135' connects to 'The Key of David'.  His birth numerology also connects to 'Revelation' and 'prophecy'.

1/8/1993 = 1+8+19+93 = 121 (Revelation)

In the ongoing race war programming, there has been a whole lot of 'revelation' and 'prophecy'.

Here is the CBS coverage of the story:


  1. Isaiah Crowell initials I.C. or 9.3.
    Also he was born in '93

    more and more reasons that they clearly chose him to be the face behind the tweet.

    1. How about that 7:22pm post time?

      "July Twenty Second" = 235

      07/22/16 is kind of like 7/4/7
      "Seven Four Seven" = 64 = "July Twenty Second"

      What equals 64 & 46 ?

  2. I Knew Stanton would win the hr derby since his batting coach had a tribute game a month prior

    Steve Berman said as soon as it ended with 33 total hrs in that championship round "in a year when the champ Muhammad Ali passes away down goes Frazier" Frazier won the hr derby last year..

    1. Damn. I feel like I could have knocked THAT prediction out of the park too given the Stanton/Ali tribute from the mets/marlins game several days ago. if only I looked into the HR derby this year, and saw last years winner was Frazier. I'm slacking! That's an easy one to tell your buddies and just be like... WATCH.

    2. yup stanton was 3-1 odds and his name equaled 66 in gematria similarities to nyquist/lebron. Also he plays for Miami where Tray Walker died/Orlando shootings etc. UFC they announced Miami Fl as Amanda Nunes hometown as well.

  3. 'Crowell' = 88. 'Last night's game both managers surnames = 88. France manager, 'Didier Deschamps'. 'Deschamps' = 88. Portugal manager, 'Fernando Santos'. 'Santos' = 88. Ronaldo's earnings on €88 million. Can't remember the name from your other post, but I think the sheriff's name in Bailiff shooting = 88 too... lotta 88's. :)

    'Thirty Four' = 61. 'Cleveland Browns' = 61
    In the Euro final, Portugal manager was 61 years old. Ronaldo's stats for Portugal, 61 goals from 133 games. He equaled Platini's Euro record against Wales. Platini is aged 61.

    Just few bits anyway ... ciao ciao, Dar.

    1. check us out fellas new blog site. We do breakdown & decoding all sports

  4. "Cut Throat" = 126
    "One Two Six" = 144

    "Slit Throat" = 142
    "Forty Two" = 142