Wednesday, July 13, 2016

33 49 69 115 137 | Is music executive L.A. Reid playing the part of Police Chief David Brown?

L.A. Reid and David Brown, the Dallas Police Chief, look an awful lot alike.  Reid is above, Brown is below.

In gematria, things become more interesting.

Notice the name of his son, 'Aaron'.

Recall, the Dallas police shooting happened on 7/7.... 7x7 = 49

Also, the shooting happened 49-days before the Mayor of Dallas's birthday, and his last name, 'Rawlings', has gematria of '49' as well.

L.A. Reid's real name also ties in with 'police'.

Notice that he is also the CEO of 'Epic Records'.  The name reminds me of a past tragedy in Dallas.

Recall, JFK was assassinated in Dallas, in the middle of Dealey Plaza, named after a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason.  He was killed 11/22/1963.

11+22+19+63 = 115
11+22+63 = 96 (Freemason)
When you sum 1-63, it totals 2016


  1. WOWSERs!

    CEO of Epic Records"
    "Epic" = 33
    "Epic Records" = 115 [511 Reflection] = "Scottish Rite Freemasonry"

    "Saturn" = 511 (Jewish)

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  3. All you have to change is everything you are.

  4. Well, I'm skeptical but they sure do look alike. Same nose, same chin, hard to tell but the ears look close. Pretty close on the eyebrows too, but I could find any clear photos without them wearing eye glasses on Google. L.A. Reid may have a more prominent chin in profile but it's hard to tell.

    I don't think I could tell the difference in a line up.

  5. Brown =27. Reid=27. Brown =72, 1072. LA Reid =127 (bacon).

    Dallas =136. Reid Is Brown =136. If you sum 1-36 =666. Reid =216 - 6x6x6=216.

    Antonio LA Reid =409. Fits perfectly w/ the 49 run Zach posted. Antonio LA Reid =137, and that's the 33rd Prime tying into Zach's 33's.

    I don't mind saying I believe Reid is Brown.

  6. DAMN -- that's eerie!! I used to think the chief looked -- & acted like -- an early-model Cylon (robot) ... but THIS raises a whole new "dimension" to consider. TWO prominent figures looking THAT much alike? The odds AGAINST that occurring (naturally) are staggering. The record label -- "THE ISLAND DEF JAM" -- might contain more Truth than we realize. In the movie "THE ISLAND" -- clones are "cultured from DNA & raised as Replacement Parts" -- for when their wealthy elite "Originals" start to break down. Something to think about, that's for sure!! ;D :D

    1. "Def Jam" = 39 & 234 [234 + 432 = 666]

  7. Great work zac. I wouldnt be surprised in the least!!