Tuesday, July 12, 2016

33 35 37 58 74 81 96 | Draymond Green's arrest & Magic Johnson's 57th birthday, August 14, 2016

This post is inspired by the arrest of Draymond Green.  Both him and Magic Johnson attended Michigan State University.

Keep in mind 'Earvin', or 'Magic', wore #33 at Michigan State.

Earvin = 5+1+9+4+9+5 = 33 (Magic)
Magic = 4+1+7+9+3 = 24
Johnson = 1+6+8+5+1+6+5 = 32/41 (Jr. = 1+9 = 10)
Earvin Johnson = 65/74 (Earvin Johnson Jr. = 75/84)

Earvin = 5+1+18+22+9+14 = 69
Magic = 13+1+7+9+3 = 33
Johnson = 10+15+8+14+19+15+14 = 95 (Jr. = 10+18 = 28)
Earvin Johnson = 164 (Earvin Johnson Jr. = 192)

Magic Johnson would become part of the first team for the Western Conference to win an NBA Championship in the time of the NBA Finals, which began in '86.  Bird and the Celtics won the first, then the Lakers the second, with Magic defeating Bird.

Magic's NBA career began in the 'eighties', a fitting time for a 'Michigan' basketball player.  Keep in mind the word 'Hero' sums to '46', and Magic was a lot of people's hero when I was growing up.

8/14/1959 = 8+14+19+59 = 100
8/14/1959 = 8+14+(1+9+5+9) = 46 (Michigan) (Log Angeles)
8/14/1959 = 8+1+4+1+9+5+9 = 37 (Los Angeles)
8/14/59 = 8+14+59 = 81 (Chicago) (Draymond Jamal Green)

His date of birth is the 226th day of the year, and 227th in leap years, and it leaves 139-days left in the calendar year.

Like the NBA, the calendar was crafted by the same gang.

This post was inspired by the Draymond Green arrest, July 10, 2016, exactly 35-days before Magic Johnson's 57th birthday.  Draymond Green was the 35th overall pick and he helped hold 'King James' (King James = 35) to a scoreless first quarter for the first time in LeBron James's NBA Final's carer, in his 35th Finals game ever.

Remember how '57' connects to championship?  The Warriors and Draymond Green were just in one.

Think about Prince and Vanity at 57, with the Minnesota and Los Angeles Lakers connections.  Like I said when Prince died, their deaths were tied together, and they were connected to the NBA Finals.  Prince's cause of death was announced June 2, 2016, the day of Game 1, he died April 21, 2016.  Kobe had retired April 18, just three days before the death of Prince; think purple and gold.

Maybe Magic is Draymond's real father.  Or perhaps they're from the same bloodline?  As I've said, these athletes are farmed no different than cattle.

Notice Magic was born in '59.  That's the year MoTown came out

The fact that he was the #1 pick in '79 does not bode well for his longterm future.  Magic Johnson could be a celebrity sacrifice in the time of the next NBA Finals, since he'll be '57'.  Or hopefully for his sake, he could be just a clue for what is to come.


Notice Magic retired in '96.  He played '13' seasons.

He also coached the Lakers 23-years ago, like Green's number.

He won his first NBA Championship also 37-years ago, come next NBA Finals.

He won in all of the following years:

'82 (82-Game NBA Season)
'85 (Basketball = 85)
'88 (California = 88)

He won 5 championships in 8 years.  Freemasonry = 58; Los Angels Lakers = 58

Kobe retired April 18, 2016.  Kobe = 11+15+2+5 = 33 (Michael = 33)

4/18/2016 = 4+18+20+16 = 58 (4/18 is Magic's birthday in reverse, 8/14)

Draymond Green was just arrested in East Lansing.  East Lansing = 40

Draymond Green is supposed to play on the Men's USA Team in the 2016 games, follow Magic by 24-years.  Magic = 24/33

Rio = 18+9+15 = 42 (Reflection of 24)

The Rio Olympics start August 5, or 5/8, like 'Freemasonry', 'Los Angeles Lakers' and 'Warriors'.

Perhaps Draymond Green will become a Los Angeles Laker, and the Lakers will return to quality basketball.  A lot of times 'bad boys' are quite successful in the world of pro sports.  Subtle lessons being taught to the masses, especially aspiring children?


  1. Someone, I think it was Pru, said something about Micah Johnson sounding so similar to Magic Johnson. So many famous or infamous back MJs.


    A little like that 131 championship number.

  2. Yes, it does seem they are trying to 'flip' the masses to idolize what is bad rather than what is good. It's a slow process, but the erosion has begun for sure.
    Children are the future, so yes... I'm sure that's what it is.

  3. Zachary - Do you have a blog post on what certain key numbers mean? Like 33, 35 etc...? Why and what certain numbers always go together? Or basically a cheat sheet on certain numbers you always see? Also how do we email you? Thank you!

    1. That is something that will be in my book, the best way to learn for now is watching my videos and catching onto what is 'key'.

  4. Anybody just notice the new rendition of O' Canada just now at The All Star Game, wtf was that..

  5. The Canadian National Anthem was purposely messed up at the MLB all star game thoughts ?

  6. Time for Canada's 911.

    Toronto Terror--211

    1. WOW!.....

      "Terror in Toronto" = 90 & 144 & 234 [234 + 432 = 666]

      "Ninety" = 33


    2. I been feeling Toronto for awhile.

    3. numbersneverlie.org check us out fellas new blog site

  7. News story how Canada will challenge Russia yesterday.
    Red dawn comes to mind.
    Also 23 reflection of 32
    Green is known for " kicking men in the nuts"
    Magic is known for handling balls
    Micha Johnson does sound like Magic Johnson agreed.

  8. @ Zack
    Jerry West wore #44 and he's tied to both warriors and lakers.
    Shaq always gives a shout out to the " logo" JWest.
    Prince said " Dwade" was his favorite nba player and I found it strange wade is done in Miami after "13" season maybe tribute to magic if he dies this year.
    Dodgers won championship in 88, magic owns Dodgers and we've seen 88 so many times this season.

    1. numbersneverlie.org check us out fellas new blog site.

  9. Pulse night club shooting is near the Orlando " Magic"
    Magic has a gay son
    Magic won all star MVP in Orlando
    The man killed in Minnesota philando Castile sounds like Orlando and the lakers are from Minnesota.

    Magic better watch his ass!

  10. Magic was MVP of the 42nd all star game in 1992
    Like you said magic won gold in 92, 24 years ago.
    South Park episode said " magic cured AIDS " with all his cash.
    Magic was recently one of the wealthiest athletes in Forbes.

  11. Great post Zach! There is another team connected to Prince though who also wears Purple and Yellow...

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  12. Check out this joke of a story out of NYC... https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20160712/bed-stuy/mass-k2-overdose-being-investigated-bed-stuy-sources-say

    33 people collapsed simultaneously at 9:30... Riiiiiiiight!

    1. K2=11
      K two= 69


    2. numbersneverlie.org check us out fellas new blog site.