Saturday, July 9, 2016

35 79 97 | Serena & Venus Williams win Wimbledon women's duo for sixth time, July 9, 2016

Today, July 9, or 9/7, is a fitting day to win Wimbledon.

Notice Serena is born in '81.  Tennis = 81

9/26/1981 = 9+26+19+81 = 135 (The Key of David) (Today has '52' numerology)
9/26/1981 = 9+26+(1+9+8+1) = 54 (Oracle)
9/26/1981 = 9+2+6+1+9+8+1 = 36 (Tennis)
9/26/81 = 9+26+81 = 116

July 9 can also be written 7/9.  Serena has won 79-days before her 35th birthday.  Below, you'll notice the name 'Serena Williams' sums to '79'.  79 is the reflection of 97, for 'Wimbledon'.

With regards to her turing '35', it connects to 'Serena' and 'Williams'.

Serena = 1+5+9+5+5+1 = 26/35
Williams = 5+9+3+3+9+1+4+1 = 35/44
Serena Williams = 61/79

With her middle name, her gematria also pops.

Jameka = 1+1+4+5+2+1 = 14/23

Serena Jameka Williams = 75/84/93/102

New World Order = 75
United States of America = 84/93/102 (States = 84)
Saturn = 93
Key of David = 102

6/17/1980 = 6+17+19+80 = 122
6/17/1980 = 6+17+(1+9+8+0) = 41
617/1980 = 6+1+7+1+9+8+0 = 32
6/17/80 = 6+17+80 = 103

Venus is born on a fateful day for Black Americans, from Charleston to Rodney King.  She turned 36-years old 22-days before winning Wimbledon with her sister.  For much of her career, she has been in her younger sister's shadow.  Her sister is the 'chosen' one between the two.

Venus Williams has name gematria of '53', the reflection of '35'.

Rumor has it DaveJ is working on a video called 'Zachary K Hubbard' is 'Serena Williams'.


  1. Serenas birth numerology this year is 51/71.

    Lets see what Amanda Nunes does against Miesha Tate tonight.

    Amanda Nunes = 35. Her birth numerology also = 31/51

    If im correct Miesha Tate should retain her title in its first defense by her numbers.

    Im intrigue to see what kind of correlations occurs between winners of sporting events who have the same birth numerology for the year. Perhaps they mirror each others result, or maybe one needs to win and one loses to keep balance.

    Or perhaps there is no correlation, the next few days are very much a field test!

    If anyone else has any insight please do share.

    1. Thoughts on anderson silva vs daniel cormier?

    2. I've not even looked to be honest mate, since Jones pulled out that one went of my radar.

      I noticed Anderson Silva = 54
      If Brock Loses he goes 5-4
      Aldo's birth Numerology this year is 54.

      There opponents Hunt and Edgar both connect to the event and have 42/62 birth numerology, as does Tate. Andrew Murray = 62. Ronaldo may score his 62nd goal to break the record tomorrow. Sixty two = 38. Portugal = 38. Miesha Tate = 38. Murray could win his 38th title tomorrow.

      These all connect but ill be interested to see if they all win, or some win some lose. Or perhaps all lose?

      Judging by the above i'd say Cormier wins and Silva follows the trend. If Jones would have fought he'd have won. Jon Jones birth numerology also 42/62 this year.

      Take this as you will, ive not looked at past events to see if this birth numerology connections hold true as i havent had time.

      My thought process is that - Tate, Murray, Portugal all win. So i'd be inclined to go with Edgar and Hunt as well.

    3. Any thoughts on cain valesquez vs travis browne?

    4. So youd say put money on Portugal to win? France our the favorite so betting looks pretty good

    5. Ive been saying portugal for a few weeks, thats my pick do your own research and conclude yourself dont trust me.

    6. I have a funny feeling we see a Portugal upset as well. It seems too convenient for France to win at home

    7. Frances manager loses on 33 wins for france, running theme thats knocked out germany, beligum, wales and england. There managers all lost on numbers connecting to death and sacrifice.

      Miesha Tate just lost, so Serena Williams and Nunes were connected through there birth numerology of 51/71.

      All three of the fighters on the main card with 42/62 birth numerology all lost there matches. And Jon Jones the other one with 42/62 was pulled from the card, looks like that signaled the fate of the rest of them.

      Maybe Jones would have lost to DC if he had fought so they pulled a drug stunt? Lets see if he actually picks up a ban or not.

    8. This is also pretty much confirms to me that Murray and Portugal both win tomorrow.

      Murrays Birth Numerology is 36/56 this year. As is Fernando Santos the Portugal manager.

      July Tenth = 36.

    9. Good call jmontz im just studying and need to get learn and get better to see for myself. Do you have any thoughts on ufc 201? And what about the world series? Zach cubs preditions looks legit

  2. Zach please spell the dude from UK thanks bro

  3. I will call on Monday guaranteed

  4. The last name "Williams" is like "Will I Am"

    "Will I Am" = 34 & 79 = "Murder"

    "Williams Sisters Win Sixth Doubles Title" = 153 = "The illuminati"

    "Sixth Doubles Title" = 71
    "Seventy One" = 144

    "Doubles Title" = 45 & 144
    "Forty Five" = 54 = "Fifty Four"

    "Title" = 21 & 66

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  6. Serena and Venus are BOTH transgenders.

    Are Venus & Serena Williams men? (7/7)Official fairy tale

    Proof Michelle Obama, Serena and Venus Williams were born boys


  7. I have to disagree with Zack on this one. Serena & Venus are born male. if you look at video and pics when they were children you could clearly see it.