Saturday, July 9, 2016

RFG Chosen One (blog follower) says Alton Sterling killed by police (Reminder: Not all YouTube truthers are "chosen")

The comment reads:

"How do you know the killing of Alton Sterling was real? My research shows his death was a planned propaganda event, corresponding with the 'Blues Lives Matter' bill, signed by the Louisiana Governor, May 26, 2016. That bill Targeted Black Lives Matter, saying they were a threat to police, causing 'hate crimes' against police. The day after the news of Alton Sterling's killing, the Black Lives Matter protest had the shooting of police in Dallas. Learn your gematria.Hate Crime = 46 Dallas Police = 46 Dallas, Texas = 46 Baton Rouge = 46

The officer who killed Alton Sterling, has name gematria of '46' and there's even more. Also, the Alton Sterling shooting came across the street from a store called 'Big Ben', and in London, where Big Ben is, the 'Pound Sterling' is not doing well. This is all part of an NWO psy-op. So again, I ask, how do you know the killing of Alton Sterling was real? Checkout my channel for more information. This is all part of a race war, planned agenda, psy-op, and you've got more homework to do."