Monday, July 18, 2016

42 119 | Melania Trump, GOP Convention speaker, July 18, 2016 +Michelle Obama's 2008 speech similarities

CNN is going red for the GOP Convention.

Remember the date August 22, or 22/8, the 235th day of 2016.

Key of David = 102
United States of America = 102

Notice her maiden name, her birth name.  She is currently 46-years old, like Dona'd Trump's birth year.

She was born on a date with '119' numerology.  She was born on the 116th day of the year.

4/26/1970 = 4+26+19+70 = 119


  1. Zach... In your gut, who's more likely to get "assassinated"? Obama or Trump? I'm still leaning towards Obama, by a tad.

    1. I'm hoping both, with the same 'magic' bullet, shot from a pancake house, named Oswald's.

    2. Well, Why not?

      pancake -- 51/24
      conspiracy -- 123/51

    3. Magic Bullet Pancakes---607J(All Seeing Eye)

      So easy, they flip themselves.

  2. I think it could be an attempt on both, possibly on Pence as well.