Monday, July 18, 2016

33 44 49 93 96 | Eliot Isaac, Cincinnati police chief, 'I was a black man before I was a cop', July 18, 2016

Officer = 44
Department = 44

404 verses in Revelation

Eliot = 5+3+9+6+2 = 25
Isaac = 9+1+1+1+3 = 15/24
Eliot Isaac = 40/49 (Revelation = 49)

Eliot = 5+12+9+15+20 = 61 (7+18+20+16 = 61)
Isaac = 9+19+1+1+3 = 33 (Police) (Masonry) (Race War)
Eliot Isaac = 94


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  2. "I was an African-American before I was a police officer" = 220 (R) 409 (O)
    Revelation = 49
    Reset = 22

  3. Zach you typed "I wan" on riding the beast.

  4. Zach you typed "I wan" on riding the beast.

  5. he not an African American anymore?

    1. Blue American--104, 396

      Blue America--90, 540

      Blue Americans--123

      Maybe that is why they even keep Indigo out of the Gay Rainbow Flag?

  6. Hi. Interesting that the 93 here comes up, this is all part of the War Ritual. I found a clue about the 239 and 23 today, these are numbers of Saturn, quote (Numbers ---Their Occult Power And Mystic Virtues
    By W. Wynn Westcott 1890): "23. In the Sanhedrin, 23 judges were required to try
    cases of punishable death. This day of September is notable
    because the Moon, which comes to the Full within
    a fortnight of it, is called the Harvest (Sickle of Saturn) Moon, which rises
    three days in succession at the same time, instead of getting
    daily later." So, now it becomes more clear why so many 239 are involved in Terror around Planes and so on, it`s all connected to Saturn Cults (26,93,69/96,969) by the numbers. see Graphic

  7. Will u do one on recent story jawari porter same officer did news on this shooting u replied on Facebook but I haven't seen anything just wondering keep up awesome work

  8. Also this shooting came 119 days after Sam dubose shooting kroger 38=porter=death cop who shot him has same gematria. dates that the two officers joined force is weird to. He died 1month 23 days before 26th birthday on 9/30

  9. Like how they tag him 213=interim chief Eliot Isaac