Monday, July 18, 2016

58 | Ax wielding man reportedly attacks train passengers in Germany, July 18, 2016

The Lt.'s name tells me all I need to know.


  1. Ha, check this out.

    Afghan man living in Germany=127(small way)

    When I think ax, I think Paul Bunyan. But that's just me.

    Paul Bunyan=127(big way)

    P.+B.=18. 18th of the month this is said to occur.

    Afghan=37 (big way)
    Paul Bunyan=37 (small way)

    The Disney short film 'Paul Bunyan' came out in '58 like 'Lt. Fabian Hench'. The film was 17 minutes long like the age the attaxer is said to be. It released on an August 1st date. 8/1 or 1/8.

    "ax attack"=18/81

    1. "Chainsaw" = 33

      "Screw Driver" = 144

    2. Wow, maddog pulling out more and more gems by the day. Great work all!

    3. Lumberjack-96
      Logger-64, 169
      Babe-10, 60, 10
      Blue- 40, 240, 227
      Blue Ox-79, 474
      Babe the Blue Ox-122, 700

    4. He's also French Canadian according to many scholars, most likely from Quebec, where my focus has been.

  2. Reminds me of that Bayou Boogieman

    Axeman of New Orleans---205, 1230