Friday, July 8, 2016

44 56 119 144 216 666 | Joe Walsh tweets, 'Watch Out Obama', July 8, 2016 news propaganda

Keep in mind Obama is the 44th President.

Obama ran on 'hope', a mockery of the sheep who supported him.

In English Gematria, 'Watch Out' is very interesting.

6x6x6 = 216 (Cleveland area code) (Game "Six", sum of 216 points)

Notice also that his birthday leaves 149-days remaining.  That number connects to the age of the shooter, 25, matching the gematria of 'Micah'.

Remember Obama's big '666' tribute last year on his 6th year, 6th month and 6th day in office?

Also, remember the '666' connections to Reagan, as pictured in the background below?

Reagan had an assassination hoax against him by the numbers.... interesting picture.

Joe Walsh has an interesting name.

Joe = 1+6+5 = 12
Walsh = 5+1+3+1+8 = 18/27
Joe Walsh = 30/39 (Saturn = 30)

Joe = 10+15+5 = 30
Walsh = 23+1+12+19+8 = 63
Josh Walsh = 93 (Propaganda) (Saturn)

12/27/1961 = 12+27+19+61 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David)
12/27/1961 = 12+27+(1+9+6+1) = 56 (President)
12/27/1961 = 1+2+2+7+1+9+6+1 = 29
12/27/61 = 12+27+61 = 100
12/27 = 12+27 = 39 (Joe Walsh)


  1. Lakeem Keon Scott opens fire on passerbys and police in Bristol, Tennessee

  2. Rev Jeff Hood (the guy with the beard and glasses on TV)
    He's probably in the IMDB database FAKE preacher

  3. Somebody's been watching your videos Zach!
    Superbowl & Grammy's: Black Magic Helter Skelter Race War w/Illuminatiwatcher

    1. I use a phone and for some reason when people post a link the way you have hear,I have to copy and paste the link,which for some reason I can't do. Is there anyway you could repost the link so it's 'clickable'

  4. Look at the end of that link you posted... First number 38 followed by 59. "Death" then "Negro" both in the ordinal system. Wtf? Even coding the links to the big articles based on what they pertain to?

  5. Wanted you to know Zach, that NONE of my comments are showing up on your videos -- "Mir" helped me verify this fact, as well as letting me know that many aren't making it onto this site either. Your work continues to be EXCELLENT -- & even if you don't "see" us ... WE'RE STILL HERE!! ;D :D

    1. I've lost posts on YouTube before, but so far not on this site.

    2. Brother, they're not in the spam filter either. They're putting everything in the spam right now, but I don't see your's there. I just took 223 comments, no joke, out of the spam filter. YouTube literally had my spam box at 223. Most were trolling, I even took them out.

    3. Thanks for the feedback. If it hadn't been for Ed & Mir checking on it for me, I wouldn't have known ... because the comments still show up from my devices. Wanted you to know because this could be happening with others too. And I wanted to be sure you knew that you hadn't lost THIS loyal supporter!

      One of the posts was under the video where you mentioned the ZEBRA STRIPE that ran across the screen. Thought you might want to look into THE ZEBRA COALITION ... 911 N. MILLER AVE. ... ORLANDO, FL. (That stripe on the screen resembles their logo.) Nice address, eh?

      One of the co-founders is a Sr Dir with THE TAVISTOCK GROUP. There's also a board member named PAUL F. BRYAN, affiliated with ZIO in Lexington, KY ... ZIO is connected to everything needed to make shitty videos.

      Another ZEBRA board member -- a woman named Stephanie -- has ties to professional sports teams & the NBA. The ZEBRA COALITION is MUCH more than their home page would make it seem. They claim to advocate for: "Homeless, drug-addicted LGBT teens in the Orlando area ... which couldn't amount to THAT many people, given the specivity of their (stated) "agenda" ... & sure wouldn't account for a group like TAVISTOCK being involved! Thanks for letting me know you saw my message ... ;D :D

  6. Strange thought. The name Joe Walsh has a connection of sorts to Colorado, or the area around Colorado. The musician Joe Walsh has that classic song "Rocky Mountain Way". Denver, Colorado of course connects to Invicta the white horse through the Denver Intl Airport (Masonic murals anyone?) and the Denver Broncos, the recent super bowl champs.

    Invictus = 117
    Orlando shooting 7-11 gas station
    Dallas shooting hoax 7x11 7/7

    1. There's a stone slab in the Denver airport, with the Freemason arch on it saying that beneath it lies a time capsule important to the people of Colorado in 2094.

  7. This is at least worth going over in a video.