Friday, July 8, 2016

44 64 84 | The Micha X shot with the '4484' clearly displayed in the background (Dallas shooting psy-op)

This story really has me thinking of #44, Obama is the pinnacle of this ongoing agenda, it could even happen after he is out of office, while still residing in Washington D.C.  You know, then 'security' will be less.

If you sum the divisors of 44, they total 84.

44th President

JFK was the 35th President, the 44th term President.

From the date JFK was killed to the date of the 'Civil Rights Act', was 223-day.

Obama was elected the 44th President 44-years after the Civil Rights Act.

Notice the background also has the word COLORS.  Do I need to elaborate?

Colors = 3+6+3+6+9+1/10 = 28/37
Colors = 3+15+12+15+18+19 = 82 (Barack Hussein Obama = 64/82)