Thursday, July 7, 2016

46 81 | 'This is not just a black issue', July 7, 2016 headlines from President Obama on July 6 shooting news

Recall all the '46' coding in the shootings yesterday.

You think this Chicago parallel could be a coincidence until you read the opening paragraph of the story.  Where's the President from again?  Yes, that's right ,he gave his acceptance speech, November 4, 2008, Grant Park, in Chicago.

Remember, Chicago is starting the legal route to 'Blues Lives Matter' today, on 7/7... the city divided into 77 neighborhood areas.

This article is in regards to the Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings.


  1. And not to let 7/7/7 go to waste...

    1. I keep thinking of L7, the girl band from the Grunge days, everytime I see a 7/7, and L7 is for the ladies of course, or atleast the equipment, which makes me notice the Google Doodle for Nettie Stevens, born on 7-7, who discovered the XY chromo, but didn't get the credit.

      Fragments finished.

    2. Shots fired at Dallas police at "the old red court house" =
      120(Eng Gem) like zeitgeist
      90(J) like fluoride
      236(EO,s) 49th prime

  2. Warning...