Monday, July 18, 2016

51 64 67 119 | Sheriff Clarke stumps for Trump and Blue Lives Matter at GOP Convention, July 18, 2016 +Antonio Sabato Jr., runner up for tool of the night

It's a tough call.  There was even a Hispanic Calvin Klein model, but I think my biggest tool of the night award goes to Sheriff Clarke.  I wonder what his 'price' was for selling out America with his remarks.  He was also a big advocate for 'Blue Lives Matter' and the acquittal of Brian Rice in Baltimore, line meant to provoke many.

The Blues Lives Matter bill was signed May 26, 2016.

Blues Lives Matter = 67 (5/26/2016 = 5+26+20+16 = 67)
Freemasonry = 67
Alton Sterling = 67 (July 6, or 6/7 news)
Philando Castile = 67 (July 6, or 6/7 news)

Notice he was born in the year '56.  'Blues Lives Matter' targets 'Black Lives Matter' as a threat.

Remember, the 56th Governor of Louisiana signed the Blue Lives Matter bill.

This is a manchurian human being, no doubt.

Notice he is the 64th Sheriff of Milwaukee County.

It reminds of how Barack Obama became the 44th President 44-years after 1964.

It's a conspiracy.

By the way, runner up for the biggest tool of the night is Antonio Sabato Jr., 44-year old former model.  He was born on leap day, of course in a leap year, or election year.

Leap Year = 83
Election = 83

2/29 >>> 229 >>> 229, the 50th Prime >>> Donald = 50

Notice Antonio was not born in the United States.