Friday, July 8, 2016

46 60 87 118 | CNN front page, 'Mayor: Gunman acted alone', 'Dallas sniper attack'

Like I said, the Mayor of Dallas is at the heart of this story, it is scripted around his birthday.

His name and the headline are perfect for a 'police' centered shooting hoax.

Calling it the 'Dallas sniper attack' also fits the picture.

Here is yesterday's post on the Mayor and the shooting:

This imagery gave me a thought as well.

5 Dead 7 Injured, or 5 dead and 12 shot

This shooting was inspired by the July 5, 2016, or 5/7 shooting, in Baton Rouge Louisiana, of Alton Sterling.  These shootings are part of a paired narrative.

England connects because Alton Sterling died across from the store 'Big Ben', and in the U.K., over by Big Ben, their currency, the Pound Sterling, is collapsing.

And again, let us examine the parallels between Baton Rouge and Dallas.

Remember Blane Salamoni, the man who shot Alton Sterling?