Sunday, September 11, 2016

44 | Eli Manning is all-time leader for most touchdown passes against Cowboys with 44

Eli begins his season in Texas on September 11, he could end it in Texas on February 5.  If he throws three TDs tomorrow and increase his total to 47, recall that this year's upcoming Super Bowl will be Super Bowl 51, but the 47th of the modern era.


  1. It's a long shot but it would be funny to see 3 touchdowns and 1 field goal for a total of 24

    7+7+7+3 = 24

    I know Sevens are kinda hot right now "GGG"

    9/11 or 7/11

    And then Cowboys get what, 20? like the date (9+1+1+2+0+1+6) = 20

    24 + 20 = 44

    Just being creative not sure if this makes anything click

    1. That's s great score!

      You are probably right.

  2. Pay close attention to the Detroit and Jacksonville Games.

    1. Do you have any angles on Detroit? I didn't see anything favoring them and a lot for Indy

  3. Of course Jax, they play GB in 90+ degree weather. If GB wins today, it will make them 3 and 3 in their 6 hottest games ever.

    I am gonna talk about Texas as a whole. Ill try to stay short and sweet.. that's what she said.

    Last month Pres. Obama and Bush #43 were in Dallas making a video tribute to be televised before today's Patriots (duh) v. Cards game.
    Remember the hot air balloon incident killing 16 in Texas?
    Remember the Twin Towers mattress sale that put a company out of business in San Antonio?
    Remember the Alamo?
    Remember the school shooting in Alpine?
    Remember the tourists stuck in the Alps, 33 of them overnight?
    Remember D.Trumps 'great wall' and his visit to Mexico?
    Remember the Anti-LGBTQ billboards going up in Waco?

    Texas is big.

    1. Bama won big
      Longhorns upset ND
      Romo went down
      3 former rangers retired this year
      Remember Ebola in Texas? Thomas Eric Duncan.
      Duncan like San Antonio PF.

    2. Spurs hired first woman NBA coach opening the door for Hilliray

  4. CGI Airplane=235J

    CGI Airplanes=325J

    A Controlled Demolition=235, 690J

  5. In regards to 44...
    If Dallas loses they will get their 44th loss all time vs NYG.
    Dak Prescott's birthday is 44 days previous of the game.
    A Cowboys loss would also be Garrett's 44th regular season loss.
    Prescott wears #4 and drafted in the 4th round.
    44 = kill; so I'm thinking the 44 is bad for Dallas...

  6. Anthony Rizzo wears #44
    Cubs. Check out his 44 club foundation.


  7. Yesterday I said cardinals would win.
    The 188 lines up for New England.
    I would not touch this game it's a trap.
    theres going to be some wild things going on in this one.

    I wonder who Seattle is going to sacrifice in the near future for this staged protest. I bet Carrol gets Cancer!

  8. Tom Rathman wore #44

    And #26 at Nebraska.

    He had 26TD in his professional career.

    Zionist fun fact of the day

  9. 9/11 tributes to NY, DC, and Pittsburgh

    New York = 39, 111

    Buffalo on road to Baltimore M&T Stadium.
    Baltimore on 39th parallel
    M&T address 1101 Russel St.
    All time record 3-3, 222 total points

    Jets hosting Cincinnati
    Cincinnati on 39th parallel
    Paul Brown Stadium known as "the Jungle"
    The Jungle = 39


    -Skins (Pentagon) / Steelers (Shanksville)

    Washington hosting Pittsburgh
    Washington on 77th meridian, AA flight 77 hit 77' tall Pentagon

    These teams have met 77 times.

    Let us never forget... There is an agenda.

    1. But there playing at Jets stadium?

    2. Yes I realize this.. Just calling attention to why they may be hosting Cincy on 9/11

    3. So the Seahawks are going to Interlock arms black then white then black then white.

      Sounds like a checkered floor tribute.

      Fucking Mason's

    4. I'm all checkered out after watching the Tennessee Vols last night heh.

  10. Brees to cook 98 yards.

    It's the 33rd point of the game